woven by coffee

Since its establishment in 1966,
“Coffee sya Noda “ has been dedicated to the “siphon coffee”
with a rich aroma and flavor
as a “quality coffee shop” that focuses mainly on coffee. Not only is the unique flavor highly praised,
but also the "entertainment" aspect of
watching the coffee gradually being extracted in the funnel,
the bubbling sound of boiling water in the flask as it moves toward the funnel,
and the elegance of the coffee being poured into the cup,
which can be enjoyed visually and audibly.

A supreme space
with a sense of dignity

Each store is decorated with heavy, luxurious furniture, paintings, and lighting,
creating a space that makes the time you spend over coffee even more fulfilling.

Please come to “Coffee sya Noda “ and forget about your daily routine for a while,
and enjoy some time indulging in your own personal time.

Chambord Daimyo Main Store

Store Introduction

“Coffee sya Noda “ has two brands and five stores, located at Hakata Station (6th floor of Hakata Hankyu), in front of Hakata Station, and in Tenjin.
Each has its own unique expression, and there are fans who go to the extent of visiting every store to experience them all.

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Online Shop

We offer
carefully selected coffee beans,
as well as gift items that make perfect recipients,
with the same hospitality as in our store.

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“Coffee sya Noda “ began its history
in 1966 on Tsumashoji in Hakata. As a “long-established Hakata coffee shop” with a long history in Hakata,
we have been patronized by numerous customers
of all ages and genders since our establishment.

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History of "Coffee sya Noda"

Founder Mitsuhiko Noda's work around 1970