History of Coffee sya Noda

Founder Mitsuhiko Noda’s work around 1970


“Coffee sya Noda” started its history in 1966 on Tsushima Koji Street in Hakata.

Originally named ‘Kissa Idol,’ the establishment was renamed “Coffee sya Noda” in 1970 when it relocated to the second floor of the Fukuoka Asahi Building, a name it has retained to this day.

As a historic ‘old-fashioned coffee shop of Hakata coffee,’ we have maintained the tradition of being a ‘high-quality coffee-centric coffee shop’ since our establishment, earning the patronage of numerous customers regardless of age or gender.

Thanks to our customers, we now operate two brands (Coffee sya Noda and Cake Shop Régent), and our nationwide online shop has also been well-received.

View the history of
「”Coffee sya Noda” in photos:

1966 The predecessor shop,
“Kissa Idol,” opened

This location marks the beginning of the history that leads to “Coffe sya Noda.”

Mitsuhiko Noda during the “Kissa Idol” era.
The back wall displays the food menu and daily coffee specials.

1970 Opening of the first “Coffee sya Noda” store
(Asahi Building Store)

Inside the Asahi Building store

The scene at the counter.
This sophisticated atmosphere continues to be inherited across all “Coffee sya Noda” stores.

1970~ Further expansions

An old photo of the storefront of the “Sunplaza Store” opened in the underground mall of the Asahi Building.
A photo from the time of the Santos Festival event.

The counter of the old Sunplaza store

An interior display of Irish coffee during that time.
The details of the store at that time are indicated in the bottom right corner.

1989 Opening of the in-house patisserie
“Cake Shop Régent”

The cakes created here are delivered to various ‘Coffee sya Noda’ stores and are also available for purchase by local residents.

2022 Renewal of
the online shop

We deliver the carefully selected coffee, embodying the essence of being a ‘high-quality coffee-centric coffee shop,’ to customers nationwide.

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