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the homepage of “Coffee sya Noda.”

Founded in 1966.
“Coffee sya Noda” is a long-established coffee shop in Hakata.
Thanks to the support of local residents as well as visitors from within and outside the prefecture, we continue to provide a time and space where customers can enrich their hearts.
The logo features a seahorse, inspired by the founder being born in the Year of the Dragon and using the seahorse as a motif.

Learn more about the history of “Coffee sya Noda” here

Currently, “Coffee sya Noda” has stores
near Hakata Station and at major landmarks in the Tenjin area, including “Hakata Hankyu,” “Sunplaza Shopping Street,” “Solaria Plaza,” and the “Chambord Daimyo” building near Akasaka Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Airport Line. Our stores are frequented not only by long-time customers but also by many people visiting these facilities for shopping, dates, and business.

Additionally, we have our own patisserie, “Cake Shop Régent ,” located in Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, near Yakuin Mutsukado. Here, our dedicated patissiers create sweets daily, which are offered as part of “Coffee sya Noda’s” dessert menu.

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Five Reasons Why Customers Choose “Coffee sya Noda”

01 Inviting Storefront Displays

Chambord Daimyo Main Store

Sunplaza Store

The luxurious exterior and a showcase brimming with various coffee beans attract the attention of passersby.

The unique display at the storefront of “Coffee sya Noda” captivates with its distinctive atmosphere, earning praise such as “I was drawn in” and “The excitement made me enter the store.”

Each store has a different appeal tailored to the customer flow and traffic of its location, making each visit a new experience.

The Hakata Hankyu store, “Cafe Régent – Coffee sya Noda,” features a live cake-making demonstration
area. Customers have expressed their enjoyment, saying, “It’s very enjoyable to watch the cakes being made right in front of you, which is a rare sight.”

02 A tradition since our founding.
Savor the rich aroma and flavor of “siphon coffee”,
while also enjoying the brewing process

This method, while complex and time-consuming, was chosen by founder Mitsuhiko Noda for its ability to produce a rich flavor and aroma. He believed that siphon brewing allowed each cup of coffee to be made with heartfelt care, saying, “It brings out more richness in flavor and aroma than drip brewing. And most importantly, it allows us to brew coffee with sincere care for each customer.”

This tradition continues today. When customers order coffee, the staff meticulously brews it using the siphon method.

The elegant process of coffee being gradually extracted in the funnel, the bubbling sound of boiling water in the flask as it moves toward the funnel, and the final spread of the brewed coffee in the flask is a captivating “coffee entertainment.”

Customers at the counter seats can enjoy this entire process up close.

Customers have shared their appreciation, saying, “Just watching the siphon brewing process is very soothing,” and “Seeing the coffee being made before drinking it makes the experience even more special.”

03 The space provides a heavy,
immersive atmosphere that allows you to momentarily forget the everyday routine

Hakata Hankyu Store

Solaria Plaza Store

“Coffee sya Noda” is known for its interior space adorned with elegant furniture, paintings, and lighting fixtures.

Furthermore, to allow many customers to witness the siphon coffee brewing process, all our stores feature counter seats with depth, which is a significant characteristic.

These are also the founder, Mitsuhiko Noda’s, commitments since the establishment. From interior design, furniture, paintings, lighting, to staff uniforms, everything has been personally selected by him.

At the core of this is the belief that “the taste of delicious coffee varies depending on where and by whom it is served.”

Customers have also commented:
“It feels like being in a hotel bar lounge.”
“It enhances the deliciousness of siphon coffee.”
“I love spending leisurely time here with coffee.”

04 We continue to uphold the tradition
since our founding with a lineup of orthodox menus

Coffee offerings include the classic ‘Noda Blend’ and popular ‘Hakata no Hana Strong Blend,’ along with 10 original blends such as ‘Soft Blend’ and 10 varieties of single-origin coffee, as well as seasonal and limited-time offerings.

All beans are meticulously selected from around the world by professionals and roasted in-house. From grinding to brewing with siphon, pouring, and even cup design, we employ refined techniques to deliver the perfect cup.

In addition, coffee is served with whipped cream on the side in a chilled glass, allowing you to enjoy the change in flavor by adding it as you prefer.

While it’s a traditional style in Hakata coffee to serve whipped cream instead of milk (coffee
creamer), ‘Coffee sya Noda’ continues to uphold this tradition. (Serving in a chilled glass is an original style
of “Coffee sya Noda”.)

On the other hand, we offer various dishes and desserts that are consciously designed to complement our coffee offerings.

Our unique menu includes popular items like ‘Noda Roll,’ where coffee is kneaded into the dough and cream, and ‘Noda Pudding,’ exclusive to the Chambord Daimyo main store. Each store also features its own unique limited-time menu items.

Noda Roll (front right) and various popular sweets

Noda Pudding

Ripe Tomato and Mascarpone Pasta Set

We are grateful to our customers for their positive feedback, such as ‘I visit repeatedly because it’s delicious,’ and ‘Every time I come, I discover new flavors and it’s enjoyable.’

05 We value the spirit of ‘ichi-go ichi-e’ (one time, one meeting)
and provide attentive customer service

Even for repeat customers who visit us many times, each moment spent here is unique and irreplaceable.

That’s why the staff at “Coffee sya Noda’ always welcomes customers with the spirit of ‘ichi-go ichi-e.’

This sentiment is also reflected in the white staff uniforms worn by all staff members, which are praised by customers for their cleanliness and sophistication.

Of course, it’s not just about appearance. Regarding service, as well as roasting and siphon techniques, even veteran staff members undergo monthly training without fail, continuously striving to improve quality.

Some customers express “We come to see the familiar smiles of the staff” or “We come to see their graceful yet attentive gestures.”

We hope you’ll enjoy the world of “Coffee sya Noda” and experience a moment of richness where you can momentarily forget the daily routine.

All of our staff members are looking forward to meeting you with great anticipation.